Maple Tree in Evening Sunlight

follow url I took this picture at Saint Vincent Cemetery, off HW-62 near Rogers Airport. I wanted to take the photos of Maple Trees in the cemetery during sunset. The evening sunlight reflected off the bright orange leaves and it looked brilliant.


Fall Foliage – Abstract Photograph

follow url I took this photograph while driving through forest looking for fall colors. I wanted to take a abstract photograph and capture the blur effect. Sometimes, the results are unexpected. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Fall Color in Steel Creek, Buffalo River, Arkansas

enter Today evening, after reading Tim Ernst’s CloudLand journal, I decided to go to Steel Creek to photograph some fall color. Fall foliage is at peak in Buffalo River valley. In some areas, leaves have started falling. I tried to capture reflection of fall colors in the buffalo…


Wildflowers & Other Macro Photographs

click [slideshow] I have always been fascinated by photographing flowers. However, I try to look for wildflowers and other small shrubs while walking on a trail. We often ignore the beauty of wildflowers and other small subjects walking in a forest or trail. Sometimes those are really beautiful to…