Wish Adventure (http://www.wishadventure.com) is a creative digital platform that produces and publishes captivating adventure and travel content. Created from founder, Abinash Padhi’s passion for adventure, travel, photography, and storytelling, Wish Adventure strives to inspire a community of adventurers through exploration, inspiration and sharing of articles, reviews and stories about unique places. The site also serves as a platform for others to share their individual stories on adventure and nature of travel. The stories are collection of Abinash’s personal journeys, some from local experts, and others from a community of spirited world travellers. By carefully curating deeply authentic stories, guides, and resources, Wish Adventure attracts adventurers and travellers, who wish to fulfil their dream adventures and travels.

Wish Adventure is also a services agency, which specializes in trekking, adventure activities and outbound training. Our expeditions model is based upon small groups, great guides, sharing knowledge and creating a custom experience. We also provide creative services like: live blogging, travel consultancy, co-branding, branded contents, photography and video production, web designing, through its team of designers, writers, photographers, web developers and special contributors.


As the founder and voice behind Wish Adventure, Abinash Padhi is in spirited pursuit of travel, adventure, and new cultural experiences. As a self-taught photographer and storyteller, Abinash uses photography to bring fresh perspectives to travel experiences off-the-beaten track. An Indian by birth and a Nomad at heart, Abinash has a deep rooted appreciation for a well-travelled and adventurous life. With every published story, he inspires fellow travellers to connect with nature and explore the world.


Are you an individual, company, tourism board, or publisher interested in working together? Have a collaboration or partnership idea? To inquire about how we can work together, learn about current projects or find out how to get involved with our community of world travellers, be sure to drop us a line at: wishadventure@gmail.com


Have you travelled to a destination off the beaten path? Do you have an adventure story to share? Did you take breathtaking images you would like to share? Do you have insightful information on a specific culture or cultural event? If yes – please share! Wish Adventure is actively looking to feature travellers who have visited interesting areas of the world and want to share their experiences. While all submissions are welcome, we are particularly interested in travellers with dynamic stories and captivating photography. To inquire about how your story or insight can be featured, please send a submission request or article pitch with three photo samples to wishadventure@gmail.com.