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Wish Adventure – Unplug & Reconnect

Climb a mountain through rock and ice to witness the sunset? Lie down on a pristine beach and listen to the sound of the waves? Walk through a forest and smell the wild flowers? Feel the breeze coming through sand dunes in a desert? Witness the infinity of the space in complete darkness? We all wish, we could experience all these and we must.

We are so occupied with work, immersed with family life, busy with projects and activities, find it difficult to save time to experience nature in its raw form. People are constantly occupied with their pursuits, doing numerous things. This busyness has become very strong habit pattern, which continues from morning to evening. People come to think of this pattern as the normal way of living, and teach it to their children by example. With the world becoming Integrated & Digital, we are overloaded with information, communication and disconnected with nature. Most of our activities have become digital and not experiential. Even in our vacations, we become more busy.

Take time out from your busy schedule, unplug from the digital world, relax and experience the world around you. There is beauty all around us, we need to slowdown, stop, relax and look for them. Seek adventure, balance and wellness in the real world.

Through Wish Adventure (htpp://www.wishadventure.com), we bring you stories of unique adventures, places, travel, art, culture, food. By carefully curating deeply authentic stories, guides, and resources, we want to inspire adventurers and travelers, who wish to fulfill their dream adventures and travels.

Written By: Abinash Padhi for Wish Adventure

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