Butterflies in Hobbs State Park, Arkansas

I was coming back from a drive last week through the Hobbs State Park, on HW-12 north east of Rogers, Arkansas. I saw bunch of wildflowers beside the road and wanted to take some photographs. To my surprise, I found few butterflies enjoying the patch of wildflowers. I immediately took my camera out to click few shots, before they go out. Sometimes, you will be surprise to find great subjects. So if you are a photographer, keep your eyes open and camera with you….


Two Butterflies Enjoying the wildflowers


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  • Rifqi

    June 30, 2011

    Nice colour, even their eyes look blue. Would love to get some macro shots of them.

    • abinashpadhi

      June 30, 2011

      I know.. I had little time to get out of the car and take the shot before they went out… Will try to get some getter shots next time…


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